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To the old and new readers of the Cobbler Rainbowcy,

Welcome all! If you recall, I’m Vanilla Cobbler, the founder of the Cobbler Rainbowcy. It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen each other, hasn’t it? Since our absence, many occurrences have happened to my husband Apple and I.

A few years ago I moved to Sunset Valley to pursue a life in which I could marry anyone my heart desired. I met Apple shortly after I moved in. We were married and had four handsome sons. My decedents spanned for six generation. Then, according to my creator, our files were lost, completely wiping out my family’s existence. Determined not to lose hope, my creator gave Apple and I another chance. You may recall about a year ago Apple and I moved to Riverview ready to start again.

During our stay we had fur more children, two boys and two girls. Sadly, this was not meant to be. My creator spoke of something called a corrupt file. I don’t know what that exactly means, but Apple and I went to bed one night and when we woke the next morning we were in a new neighborhood with no children. We weren’t in Moonlight Falls for very long until Riverview called us back.

While in Riverview (again) we had three children; Honeycomb, Strawberry, and Cherry. Before I give you information about our three children, I’d like to say that we didn’t stay in Riverview very long. We have finally (seriously, finally) settled in the gorgeous Monte Vista. My creator has assured me that my family and our future generations will be living here. Right, onto our children.

Honeycomb was our first child. She was always a smart girl. Her grades were always high and there was constantly a spark of interest glittering in her eyes.Screenshot-203

After graduating high school, Honeycomb attended University to earn a degree in Technology. Although she spent most of her time studying she did meet her husband at the Student Union. 1


Honeycomb and Carrot married shortly after their college graduation.


They have one son named Mandarin and a newborn girl by the name of Fawn.


Our third child was a boy we named Cherry.


Like his sister, Cherry was extremely intelligent, albeit absent minded. He was always at the top of his class and would have a terrible time dragging him away from the chess set. Once graduating from high school, Cherry decided to skip out on University and instead enrolled in the police academy. He is currently working towards becoming a secret agent and is expecting his first child with his high school sweetheart, Acai.61

Strawberry is our eldest son and the heir to the Cobbler legacy.


At a young age, Apple and I knew that our little boy was different. He could spend hours talking to his stuffed animals and on countless occasions I would have to scold him for wandering over to the neighbor’s yard pretending to be a dog. As he grew, Strawberry’s uniqueness grew as well. He spent hour after hours at the chemistry table we bought Honeycomb for her birthday, attempting to mix a potion that would bring one of his stuffed animals to life.

Sounds crazy, right? Can you imagine our shock when he actually achieved his goal? Yes, although it’s beyond our comprehension, Strawberry successfully turned his childhood toy into a real, teenaged sim.

13 14

In fact, he even turned his brother’s stuffed toy into a real sim as well.


This occurred a few weeks before Strawberry graduated from high school. So for a few weeks we had four teenage boys in the house.


I’ve lost count of how many whoopee cushions I ended up sitting on. After Strawberry’s and Pal’s graduation, they enrolled in University.


However, after one semester Strawberry decided that University was not for him. He decided not to complete his degree. He is currently working towards his dream of becoming a Master Magician.


Strawberry continues to surprise us; he has been working terribly hard on becoming a top Magician. He leaves the house just after the sun rises and returns home completely exhausted hours later after spending all day performing for tips. He is very concentrated on his work, but he set aside time to marry his high school sweetheart, Clementine.

41 44

They currently have two beautiful little girls; Pumpkin and Honeysuckle.

75 84

Although my family has been through many hardships, we have persevered through everything that my Sim Goddess has thrown at us (a/n: not intentionally, mind you!). I believe it’s safe to say that we are here to stay. Thank you all for sticking around! My family, Sim Goddess, and I truly appreciate it.


With love,

Vanilla Cobbler


Until I reach a certain part of gameplay, I’m not able to update. However, if you want to check out what the Cobblers have been up to since you’ve last read about them, you can head over to my new tumblr. 🙂


Hope you all are doing well! See you soon! 🙂

I am completely aware that I have, once again, neglected this blog. This was not my intention :(. I will be graduating from college in two weeks so I’m hoping that things will be slowing down a bit. I have been playing The Sims 3, with the Cobblers and the Sorbets, but I haven’t been writing. I have some ideas floating around to get those who are still around caught up with what has been going on.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me for these past couple of years. I miss you all and I miss contributing to the Sims community :(. See you all soon!

❤ Gabrielle

Stopping by to wish you all a very happy, healthy, and successful New Year. Stay safe tonight at all of the New Years celebrations!

I don’t have any ‘official’ New Years simmie photo, so have a picture of a cute snowman gnome that showed up in my save that I tested Seasons with 🙂



❤ Gabrielle

Whoa, what in the world happened to WordPress? Wow, it’s been three months since I’ve last updated. Wow, whoa, huh. haha. If there’s anyone left here, how have you all been? I’ve missed the sims community so much these past couple of months. I haven’t been really doing anything sims related because I’ve been so busy with school and other real life things. All of these pictures (and the pictures in the upcoming chapters) were taken when Supternatural first came out…yeah, it’s been that long. I’m not offically on Christmas/winter break yet, but I’m pretty much done with all of my finals so I’m hoping to crank out these chapters until I have to go back for my final semester of college evah! As of March I will be the proud owner of a Bachelor’s degree in English and Literature!! So exciting.

Alright, enough of me blah blah blahing. Onto the chapter! 🙂 Before I go, I’m not sure why my pictures are now showing up so small. This is something I will have to figure out when I explore this new format that WordPress gave me.

❤ Gabrielle

After settling into her new home in Moonlight Falls, Peach started to become familiar with the oddities that inhabited the sleepy town. She found the library to be the best place to find information about eh different kinds of sims surrounding her.
“’During a full moon, supernatural sims because more active’,” Peach read in a particularly dusty, old book, “’Vampires and werewolves stalk the night looking for unsuspecting victims to quench their insimane hunger…’ Vampires and werewolves? What is this, some kind of bad teeny bopper book? Next this book is going to tell me that vampires sparkle in the sunlight instead of burning up.”
At the mention of zombies, she shut the thick book shut with a sharp snap. “I’m outta this crazy place.” She mumbled
While making her way to the front of the library, she noticed a woman waving a glittering stick.
“Excuse me, miss? Mind if I try a spell on you?” the woman asked.
“Excuse me?” Peach inquired irritably.
“There’s no need to worry, you won’t turn into a toad or anything. Well, actually if you do, I’m extremely practiced in untoadification.”
In an uncharacteristic wave of anger, Peach smacked the bumbling woman.


“You stay away from me!” Peach growled.

Surprisingly, the woman laughed; “Wow, you’ve got an arm on you. Sorry lady, I didn’t realize you were a werewolf…jeesh, the full moon always makes you fur balls nutty.”

Peach stared wide-eyed at the stranger she had just slapped. Was all the information about full moons and supernatural sims getting to her? Desperate to find some sane sims, Peach decided to spend the rest of the day visiting the local hang outs.




Her final stop of the evening was a lounge where she met a very handsome nam who introduced himself as Argus Brown.

“Peach Sorbet.” She introduced.

“What a beautiful name! Argus exclaimed, “Are you one of those berry sims?”

A blush crept onto her cheeks; “Yes, I am,” she replied, eyes to the floor, “I hope that doesn’t offend you. Must berry sims have difficulty fitting into a new town.”

With a tender hand, he lifter her chin so their eyes met, “There’s no need for any apologies. Any kind of sim is welcome in Moonlight Falls.”

Peach smiled warmly.

“How about a game of rock, paper, scissors?” he asked with a laugh.

“You’re on!”




(a/n: that last picture of Argus made up my mind; the Sorbet Legacy needed this sim! LOL)

Peach and Argus were inseparable until the lounge closed at 3 am.

“Closing time, already?” Argus remarked when the lights suddenly extinguished and the rest of the patrons were filing out. Peach yawned as the two of them followed everyone out of the lounge.

“I hope you don’t have to get up too early for work.” Argus apologized.

“No worries, I’m a gardener. My plants are my only responsibility.” She answered with a smile.

After exchanging numbers, Argus gave Peach a peck on the cheek before heading towards his home. Before making her way home, Peach put a hand on the cheek that Argus’ lips just brushed against. She smiled and walked home with the light of the full moon guiding her.





(a/n: Um, Peach? Do you mind stopping brooding about the passage of time? There’s a zombie behind you and I haven’t tested out a zombie attack yet. Please get home!!)

“As every day ends, a sliver of time passes over me. Think about it.”

(a/n: Peach, GO HOME!)

Reluctantly, Peach stood up off the cold ground, brushed off her skirt and continued home.

“It’s odd, sometimes I feel so close to my simgoddess that I can hear her speaking to me.”


While Peach slept, she dreamt about seeing Argus again. His light eyes, bright smile, and kind nature filled her with hope of a new, happy life. Unbeknownst to Peach, zombies plagued outside her home.


Thankfully, the zombie wasn’t interested in attacking a sleeping Peach Sorbet. However,


They were interested in destroying her newly planted garden.

“Mmmm, grrraaaaiiinnnnsss.”

Every morning after a full moon, Peach would arise early in the morning to find more of her garden torn apart.

“I just don’t understand it, Argus. My plants can go a week or so without being touched, but some mornings, like today, I come out ready to harvest and some of them are eaten!” Peach complained over the phone.

“Peach, we really need to talk.” He told her.

A ball of lead dropped in her stomach. Peach and Argus had gotten very close since they had met at the lounge weeks ago. Recently, their relationship progressed to a new level; Argus had asked Peach to be his girlfriend which she had readily accepted. Hearing “we need to talk” from him sent hundreds of scenarios through her mind.

“O—okay, come on over.” She answered softly.


“Argus, is that you?” Peach asked when she opened her door.

“Yes, can I come in?”

She nodded silently has he stalked in; “There’s something different about you. Have you missed some kind of hair removal appointment?”


“No, my love, I’m a werewolf.” Argus chuckled.

“A werewolf?”

Normally Peach had laughed off any mention of supernatural sims which was a common topic in Moonlight Falls. Seeing Argus covered in hair with long, sharp claws, and fierce looking fangs left her speechless. She then remembered what the woman in the library had remarked about not knowing Peach was a werewolf. Suddenly overwhelmed, Peach sat down on her couch.

Argus joined her silently.


“I’ve been meaning to tell you about this, but you’ve just been so resound to believe that no supernatural sims exist. I’m sorry.” He apologized.

“I-I just don’t know what to think. Supernatural sims are real? I mean, you’re obviously a…werewolf, but what about vampires, fairies, and zombies?”

Argus nodded, “They’re all real. Jeff is a vampire.”

“Jeff, your best friend Jeff? The one I met at the party?”


“Um, yeah.” He coughed, “Also, zombies are eating your plants. It’s odd that zombies are so fixated on plants when there are no sims around.”

Peach shook her head in disbelief, “So that’s what the simgoddess was talking about.” She mumbled.

She felt Argus’ hand on her leg, “Are you okay with all of this?”

Peach looked into his completely different face. His features were so different when he was in his werewolf form, but she could still see her boyfriend within the mass of hair and fangs, “Surprisingly yes. I guess I’ve always known something was different about this town. On my first day here I saw a toddler that had wings coming out of her back!”

Argus smiled lovingly


“But I’m ready to come to terms with all of this supernatural stuff now. I won’t run away from it any longer.” She smiled.

“I’m so glad to hear you say that, baby!” Argus exclaimed giving her a kiss. Peach giggled when his hair tickled her face.



“Honey, that was a bit loud in my ear.”

“Sorry Peach, I’m just so happy.”



As the sun crawled slowly across the foggy sky in Moonlight Falls, Peach Sorbet made her way down a deserted dirt road. To her relief, a dozen lamps shone off in the distance; she had made her way from Appalosa Plains to start fresh in Moonlight Falls. Peach paused for a moment, took off her shoe and began to shake out stray pebbled from the road.

“Rotten stones, how’s a girl supposed to find a new home when her feet are being cut by jagged rocks?” she asked no one in particular.

After a few good shakes, Peach put her shoe back on and continued into town. The infamous Midnight Falls fog made the air around her hazy and a bit disorienting, but Peach continued walking. She knew that if she stopped walking she would never start up again. Leaving the familiarity of Appalosa Plains had taken all the energy she could muster up. Life back in the Plains had been good. Peach had married right after high school to a young fisherman; Spearmint Bubble. They shared the dream of owning a perfect garden and they begun immediately making their dream a reality. Early morning planting turned into a full day job once the crops had started growing. Things became even harder once the twins had been born.

Peach bit her bottom lip when she thought about their babies. Gone, they were all gone: Spearmint, Cinnamon, Jellybean…Somehow Peach had been the only survivor of the house fire. The fire that couldn’t be explained, the local papers had called it. No one knew how the fire started. The only certainty was that Peach had lost her family and until recently; her will to live.

Peach shook the memories of her past out of her mind. It was then that she realized she was sitting in a park.

“Moonlight falls,” she whispered to the quiet town, “help me forget the past.”

With a sigh, she heaved herself off the ground to look to buy a house.

When she exited the real estate office, Peach saw a young girl selling goodies in the park Peach had previously vacated. Intrigued, Peach made her way over to the stand.

“Hello Miss, would you like to try a baked good?” the little girl asked excitedly when Peach stood in front of her stand.

“I would, but they all look so yummy.” Peach teased, “What is this one?” she asked pointed to a muffin

“Oho! This is my newest addition, a jellybean muffin.”

A sharp paint twisted in her heart, “Hmm, sounds tempting, but I think I’ll have this.” Peach decided pointing at a piece of vanilla cake.

“Thanks! That’ll be 11 simoleans.” The little girl beamed handing Peach the cake.

Peach smiled and added 20 simoleans into the girl’s money jar.

Peach made her way to a bench to eat her cake.

“You’re in luck,” the real estate agent had told Peach, “I have a house that just opened up last week. It’s small, but a perfect place for a single person household.”

“I’ll take it.” She had said.

The agent had stammered, asking Peach if she had wanted to see the place first. Peach had declined then wrote a check. Peach felt accomplished; she wasn’t going to have to sleep on a park bench until a home opened up. Her sense of pride was slowly coming back. For a small moment, Peach felt her spirits rise, even her newly purchased vanilla cake tasted like heaven.

“Ahahahaaa!” Peach heard across the park.  She set her empty plate on the ground to find out where the mysterious laughter came from. As she adventured through the park, out of the corner of her eye she saw a floating plant. Peach gasped loudly when a ghost hopped out of the flowerpot.

The ghost turned at the sound of her gasp; “Don’t be alarmed, mortal. I’m only here to entertain the shrubbery.”

“What?” Peach asked in confusion.

The ghost laughed; “I’m only joking. I’m a ghost of the Goth family.”

“Nice to meet you,” Peach greeted after an awkward, cold handshake, “my name is Peach Sorbet, I just moved here.”

“Neat, there aren’t many mortals here in Moonlight Falls. You’ll definitely add some color to the neighborhood, no pun intended.” The Goth ghost told her.

“Not many mortals?” Peach repeated.

“Nope, but not to worry, just be careful of the full moon. All the creatures come out when the moon is full.” The ghost warned.

A distant screech interrupted their conversation; “Oh man, someone’s stealing my scares. There is just no respect among the dead. Sorry Peach, I’m being called. Make sure you check out the sights around the neighborhood. You’ll enjoy yourself, trust me. Nice to meet you!” she called floating off in the direction of another ghost.

“Explore the town, huh?”

Peach spent the rest of her first day in Moonlight Falls exploring the secrets the neighborhood had to offer. She found a handful of seeds and mushrooms to start her new garden.

Peach also found solace in investigating the Library of Antiquity which had a hidden room deep within the basement.

It was at the library where Peach began to notice something strange was going on in Moonlight Falls.

While making her way back from the secret room, Peach saw a woman carrying a little girl who had sparkling, pink wings. The sight of the little wings mesmerized her; she had never seen a sim with wings before. A scratching sound distracted her from the winged toddler.

“No! Bad boy, we do not scratch the furniture.” Peach heard a woman scold. She watched as another toddler destroy a wooden desk with his…claws?

What is going on with this town? She thought as she headed outdoors.

Peach Sorbet had no idea what kind of town she moved into.

All I can say is; SUPERNATURAL!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’ve been playing so much since I bought the expansion on Tuesday. This is definitely my favorite expansion so far. What better way to explore the Supernatural than to start the Sorbet’s over? I couldn’t get Peach the exact way I made her previously, but I definitely like this version as well. Hope you all did as well!

Thanks for reading and happy simming!

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