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Posted on: May 15, 2010

“Vanilla Bean Cobbler, you better be almost finished! The ceremony starts in five minutes!” I heard my mother shout from the other side of the bathroom door.

I didn’t answer her as tried to fix my grey-white hair. How could this have happened? I had made a stand against my parents that I was not going to go through with their arranged marriage. No way, no how.

But here I am. Standing in the middle of my bedroom wearing my mother’s wedding gown. I was going to marry a man that I had never met before and that I would never love. Love did not matter, not in Greysville. Neither did color.

You see, in Greysville the color of skin is grey. Our hair is grey, our eyes, our grey, and although it’s  never been proven, I’m sure our hearts are grey as well. I had only heard about color from the kids in school when I was growing up. They would string together magical stories about this idea of color. How some could be so bright that our eyes would pop right out of our heads…well that does seem a bit extreme, but you get the picture.

I heard wedding bells in the distance. Those couldn’t be mine could they? My heart begins to pound faster in my chest as anxiety kicks in. I had promised myself years ago that I would marry for love not for laws and tradition. I would marry someone who didn’t live in Greysville.

“Vanilla!” my mother begins to bang on the bedroom door. There has to be someway out of this mess. If only I could-


“Wha-?” I ask sleepily.

“Vanilla! I told you about my cheap toilet! If you don’t check to see that the water stops running it will run all night!”

I push the blanket off of me and sit up. The wedding? It was only a dream. My mother? Also a dream. (Thank goodness) The Greysville prejudice against anything remotely colorful? Unfortunately, not a dream. The truth is, my parents are exceedingly wealthy. In order for them to keep the family name alive I, their only child, must marry into another wealthy family.

I couldn’t marry for money and ever since I had seen color for the first time a couple of years ago I had made it my mission to get out of Greysville. Which is why I ran away to my cousin’s house.

My cousin, Flan Cobbler, has always been the trouble maker of the family. She was the first to actually show me color. When my parents found out about that, they sent Flan to the other side of Greysville to live. Safely away from me. Flan’s parents were willingly eager to agree with my parents.

Flan embraces color. When I first arrived at her house, I thought my eyes really were going to fall out! I had never seen so much color in my life. She had only showed me a pencil that wrote in blue.

“Welcome to my home, Vanilla.” she had greeted me.

“Flan, I think I’m blind.” I had teased her after we gave each other a friendly hug.

“Hey, our parents sent me here because I was trouble. You didn’t think I was going to turn all….grey again, did you?” she asked with a mischevious smile.

Yesterday was a huge stop forward for me. As of now I was offically on my way to becoming free of Greysville. The only problem is that I didn’t know of any other place to go. After I had gotten out of bed, thanks to Flan worrying about her stupid toilet, I headed downstairs to join Flan in the living room.

“I’m glad to hear that you care more about your silly toliet than you do about my beauty sleep.” I grumbled.

“Oh, stop it. I don’t like to waste my money.” she replied.

“Have you had any ideas of where I can live?” I asked. Before I arrived at her house the day before, Flan had promised me that she had connections that would lead me out of Greysville.

“I’m actually getting ready to meet with my friends now about that. Don’t worry Vanilla, as soon as I get back you’ll have a place of your own.” Flan assured me.

“I hope you’re right.”

After Flan left, I tried to distract myself by reading under my favorite painting of hers. Flan had gotten this three paneled painting from her mysterious color-knowledged friends. I simply adored it, but even the most colorful object couldn’t keep me busy.

I made my way outside to sit at Flan’s favorite part of her home, the pond.I was so nervous about moving under my parents’ noses. I tried not to think about their disappointment when they found the letter I left for them explaining why I had to leave.

Maybe I was just pysching myself out for no reason. Flan would never allow me to do something that would harm me so why was I freaking out over nothing? I kicked my shoes off and dipped my feet into the cold water. I allowed the icy water to freeze my worries away.

When Flan finally arrived at home, I had my nose buried in a book.

“I’ve got some news for you.” she told me taking a seat on the bench.

“And?” I replied not looking away from the pages.

“I found you a house.”

I closed the book in excitemnet; “Are you serious?!”

“Yep, you can spend the night there tonight. If you’d like, that is.” Flan told me.

“Oh Flan! Thank you so much!” I exclaimed hugging her tightly.

We giggled after I released her from my hug.

“There is one small issue though.”

“What?” I asked crestfallen.

“Oh, nothing too important. The house was actually owned by my parents so it’s grey. I tried my best to add some color to it, but it’s still so…blah.”

“I see. Well, I’ll just have to fix that.” I answered smiling.

Flan laughed and patted me on the back; “Don’t worry girl, everything will work out for you in the end. You’re changing the history of this boring town.”

Me? Changing history? I never would have considered what I was doing was affecting the history of Greysville, but maybe it was. Reguardless, I was ready to move into my new house and start my new life.

When I arrived at my new home I was so disappointed. The house was so…plain. It was painly obvious that Flan’s parents had owned this home.

I mentally gathered myself as I headed inside. I could only imagine how bad the house was going to look. I could gaurantee that there was going to be no color whatsoever.

Oh boy, this was worse than I thought. 

Well, at least I was out of Greysville.


22 Responses to "Prolouge"

yay! ^_^

Woot! LOVE IT!! <333

i finally got to make a berry sweet sim! i was very excited! 🙂

i made vanilla with you in mind berry!

hmmm, at least your girl wasn’t kicked out of her house ^_^
looking forward

Rainbowcies don’t have to start with white, do they?

i don’t think so, i’m not exactly following the rules if you want i’ll link the orginial thread on the sims 3 forum. i’m not following all of the rules 🙂

here’s the link

off to a fantastic start! i really want to see what she does to spruce up her new home!

What a great prologue, I love it. Greysville… and Flan seems like a true rebel, I hope she comes and visit 🙂

I’ll add your story to my blogroll 😀

thanks tota! lol…yeah greysville wasn’t the most creative name for a town. i wasn’t very creative at all -_-

glad you enjoyed it!

Great start!

Love your Rainbowcy!!! Your a great writer. Can’t wait to read more. You’ll be added to my blog roll as well. 🙂

Great start. Vanilla is a really a pretty heir. Cant wait to see her babies x

I just found this legacy and im hooked! Such a lovely start…Ive added u to my blogroll, can u do the same? Thanks.

thanks 😀 i’ll have to check out your legacy in return 🙂

Woow, this was an awesome prologue. 😀 A really interesting start to the legacy. I love the idea of the rainbowcy – I’m reading Berry’s one too. 🙂

You’re a very good writer. ^^ I’m going to continue to read. 😀

Awesome beginning! I love when sims have backgrounds, and don’t just pop straight out of CAS. Great job! I can’t wait to see the Cobbler family as they grow and “colorize!” awesome job!

This is amazing! You’re such a good writer. Berrysims<3
Founder is beautiful, and I love her background!
Off to
x carolina

Finally had a chance to start your legacy and this is so cute, fun, and well-written! Can’t wait to read more. I love Vanilla, she is SO ridiculously gorgeous 😮

aw, thanks so much for reading! i definitely miss vanilla, she was a fiesty one! 🙂

Love it! I am so happy for her for getting out of Greysville! Can you please check my legacy out iff you have any time! Thank you!

Aw, thanks for checking out my legacy 🙂 :). It’s very much appreciated. I’ll definitely have to check out yours as well.

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