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Mirrors can be windows to the soul. A sheet of glass can show you who are or what you want to see. Apple leaned closer to the simple mirror to inspect his reflection once more. A long red finger dipped into an indentation of a newly formed wrinkle at the left side of his mouth. His eyes widened showing off the wrinkles on his forehead and stretching out the crow’s feet framing his eyes.

“I’m old!” he gasped.

Vanilla strolled into the bathroom with Honeycomb on her hip. Apple watched her through the mirror still in shock at his revelation.

“Good morning, muffin.” She greeted grabbing a wash rag from the linen closet.

“Good? How can mornings be good when my face is sagging over my eyes?”

Vanilla looked at him incredulously; “What in the world are you talking about/”

Apple turned away from the mirror, moved his face inches from hers and pointed to the winkle on his face, “This is what I’m talking about. This-this wrinkle! Oh man, a wrinkle. Vanilla I’m old! I’m an old man with three kids,” he gazed to the ceiling, “Oh Watcher, what have I done wrong?”

Vanilla took a good look at her husband she had been married to for almost twenty years. He was healthy, he was fit, he was a solid provider and an excellent father; what did he see that was so catastrophic?

“Apple, stop this right now. You are not an old man. You are the father of three children who adore you more than anything in the entire world. We all get older, wrinkles are lift. In fact,” she reached out to turn his head slightly, “that single wrinkle that has gotten you so upset, makes you look distinguished; pretty hot for an old man.”

Apple looked at Vanilla with wide eyes as she gave him a quick kiss; “That’s supposed to make me feel better about getting older? Our oldest is a teenager and our youngest is about to start school. Oh, and my wrinkles make me look distinguished? I got news for you sister, if I’m an old man, you’re becoming an old woman. I’ll see you in the prune juice section.” He stormed out of the bathroom in a huff.

Vanilla looked at Honeycomb in disbelief. Over the next few months, Apple had tried endlessly to feel younger. He began to expand his athletic knowledge by taking up martial arts.

He also embarked on using an old telescope. Although he didn’t discover any new objects, Apple found that peeping on the neighbors to be much more fascinating…

…and sometimes frightening.

Before coming to term with his middle age, Apple even tried to join some online social medias; such as Simbook.


“Everything okay, babe?” Vanilla asked after hearing her husband face-plant the keyboard.

“That’s it; I’m over this entire internet. I joined Simbook while ago, I have about 100 friends and all I get are invites to something called “LlamaVille”, what is that? I’m done; even my own kids won’t accept my friend requests.”

Vanilla walked over to Apple to wrap her arms around his shoulders in reassurance. Apple began to type furiously.

“I have come to realize that middle age is a good thing,” he read as he typed, “Please do not send me anymore LlamaVille requests or I’ll knock you over the head with my cane.” He sat back in his chair, triumphant. Apple reread his status; something was still missing, “Hey ‘Nilla, how do the kids type the smiley faces?”

Vanilla laughed as she snuggled into his neck; “I haven’t the faintest idea.”

“Eww, why are you guys so gross?” Cherry groaned walking in on his parents kissing.

Apple and Vanilla giggled as Cherry sat down to turn on the television.

“Cherry, how do make the smiley faces on the computer?”

Without turning away from the television screen Cherry replied; “Sorry dad, Strawberry told me I wasn’t allowed to tell you how to do things on the computer.”

“I thought your mother and I told you not to listen to your brother?” Apple responded quirking a rusty red eyebrow.

Cherry turned around to face his father; “Dad, how come Strawberry and Honeycomb got those dolls in the mail and I didn’t?”

Apple looked to his wife for help, but Vanilla stubbornly kept her eyes on the television; “I-I don’t know, kiddo.”

“Oh, okay.” Cherry slumped back down onto the couch, crestfallen.

Vanilla turned to look at Apple then to her sullen son. She was secretly overjoyed that Cherry hadn’t received one of those odd dolls in the mail, but she couldn’t stand for one of her children to be so upset.

“Cherry, please don’t feel upset. You know how your father and I feel about those dolls…”

“I know mom,” he interrupted, “its okay. Hey dad, do you want to play catch?”

“Sure thing, Cherry.”


Finally, a semi-regular update! This is a bit shorter than usual; bare with me, I need to get back into writing these things. I’m stuck in writing essay mode :p.  I’m finally on my two week break and not having to worry about schoolwork for a short period of time is complete bliss. I’m planning on getting a decent amount of chapters out before my break is done (which, coincidently, ends the day Supernatural comes out).

Speaking of Supernatural, I plan on starting the Sorbet family in the new town. (I lost their save files when my laptop died back in January). I’m super escatic for Supernatural especially since I saw that EA is bringing back Bonehilda! Remember her from the Sims 1? 🙂

Thanks for reading and happy simming 🙂


While hanging on YouTube yesterday, I saw this little gem in my inbox 🙂

I thought I was excited for Supernatural, but after seeing the things that are coming with this exapansion I definitely wish that Seasons would come out before Supernatural especially since I’ve been playing the Sims 2 Seasons for the past two weeks. Haha, yes. I have been so irritated with my Sims 3 game because there are so many instances where the game just freezes. I’m pretty sure that this issue came with Showtime.

Are you guys excited about Supernatural and Seasons? Oh, before I forget; I’m going to have a two week break coming up soon. So I plan to pump out many, many chapters. I have all of the picture for generation one and a bit of generation two, so I have a ridiculous amount of catching up to do.

See you all soon! ❤

Vanilla gazed around their tiny kitchen table; her plate of food practically untouched. First she looked at her husband. Apple was munching greedily on leftover peanut butter and jelly. A few stranded crumbs clung to the scruff on his chin. She resisted the urge to wipe them away. Vanilla then turned her gaze to Strawberry. He was chewing on a piece of an anchovy sushi roll which had taken her almost half an hour to persuade him to try. She saw a piece of his red hair resting on his forehead; again she resisted the urge to comb it away. She sighed happily; she loved her little expanding family.

Little Cherry had joined the family late one night almost two years ago. Vanilla leaned in her chair to get a better look at Cherry, who was playing with his blocks on the soft blue rug in the living room. She giggled softly when he tried to put the circle block into the square shaped hole. Confusion shadowed his tiny face as he tried again. She noticed that although Cherry had Apple’s coloring, his face was hers. She recognized her own stubbornness as Cherry continued to try to put the circle into the square hole once more. Vanilla saw Apple’s attention divert in mid bite when Cherry let out a frustrated cry. His shoulders lowered as the tension was relieved knowing that Cherry wasn’t in danger. He met Vanilla’s steely gaze and smiled. She smiled back. Yes, her family was perfect; yet she wanted another child.

“After lunch can Puzzle and I play make-believe with Cherry?” Strawberry’s voice came through Vanilla’s thoughts.


“Sure, Straw. Make sure you clean up your plate first.” Apple chimed in.

Vanilla watched Strawberry as he popped his last sushi roll into his mouth, cleared his plate, and then ran into his bedroom. Apple nudged her with his elbow.

“What’s up Nilla? You’ve been staring into space all afternoon.”

“I was just looking at each of my boys and I’ve noticed that you are the messiest of the three.” She smiled wiping the stray crumbs that were still stuck in his scruff.

Apple laughed; “Yeah, and what else? I could see the wheels turning in that pretty head of yours.”

“I want another baby.” She blurted.

Apple stared at her, quietly. He cleared his throat and answered; “There’s a baby on the living room floor.”

Vanilla smacked his shoulder with a smile; “That’s not what I meant, doofus.”

“Doofus,” he questioned incredulously, “I haven’t been called a doofus since grade school.”

“Apple, I’m serious. I love Strawberry and Cherry with all of my heart. I want another little one to give my love to.”

Apple searched his wife’s pale face.

“Come on, baby. Whaddya say? Besides, making a baby is always the best part.” She said with a nudge of his elbow.

Apple chuckled; “Can’t say I’m not found of that. Alright, we can have another baby.”

Vanilla let out a squeal of delight.

“Hey, maybe we can have a little Vanilla this time around.” Apple suggested helping Vanilla clean up the leftovers of lunch.

“I would love that, but I can’t control the baby’s gender. That’s all on you, big guy.”



“Wait, do I have to do something different? Like upside down?” he asked.

Vanilla burst out laughing; “I’m really tempted to tell you to go upside down. I would love to see you work that out, but no, you don’t have to do anything different.”

“Make way for King Strawberry and Prince Cherry!” they heard from the living room.

“Thankfully Strawberry is perfect with toddlers, right? He’s been very helpful since Cherry was born.” Apple remarked watching Strawberry parade his younger brother around the sofa.

Vanilla nodded in agreement, but she was too intent on imagining what their future children were going to look like.

“Um, Mom? I think Prince Cherry needs a new diaper.”

“Stinky!” Cherry laughed.

Vanilla’s third pregnancy turned out to be trickier than her last two. Jugging household chores, an active child,

“I got this badge for making a llama trip. Dad have you ever seen a llama?”

“No, son, I don’t believe I have.”

And a growing child completely exhausted her. Every spare second of downtime, she would gingerly plop herself down on the sofa and switch on the television. The droning sound of whatever was on at the time, helped Vanilla clear her mind for just a few minutes. Apple, who was still working hard at the military base, helped as much as he could. Like Vanilla, he spent most of his time outside of work taking care of the boys.

“Hey Strawberry?” Cherry asked as the brothers studied together.


“Are we still going to hang out once you go to high school?”

“Of course we are! I’m going to a new school not a new planet.” Strawberry assured his little brother. Cherry had just started attending elementary school. As a natural loner, he had tended to gravitate more towards his older brother than the children in his class.

“What am I supposed to do when you’re gone?” Cherry sulked.

“Make new friends. There’s a whole bunch of cool kids in your class.”

“They don’t like me.”

“How do you know? Have you ever talked to them at all? Come on, Cherry. You’re going to make loads of friends without me being there, trust me.” Strawberry persuaded.

“Fine,” Cherry grumbled slapping his notebook shut. A soft tinkling song drifted through the open kitchen window, “ice cream!” he exclaimed.

“Come on Honeycomb, Daddy has to go to work now.” Apple said carrying their daughter into the living where Vanilla and Strawberry were pillow fighting.

“Dad, don’t forget to come to my scout meeting tonight. It’s my last one!” Strawberry exclaimed before getting walloped on the head.

“Don’t worry, kiddo, we’ll all be there.” Apple replied setting Honeycomb down with a kiss on the forehead.

“Alright Straw, you better get ready for school. The bus will be here any minute. Will you make sure your brother is ready while I get your sister’s bottle ready?” Vanilla asked putting the pillows back on the couch.

“Sure Mom,” he answered darting towards Cherry’s room.

“See you later, babe.” Apple said giving Vanilla a kiss.

“Good bye, we’ll meet you at the school.” She replied grabbing a bottle out of the fridge.

A clamor of footsteps trampled out the front door when the school bus gave a beep. Vanilla called a good bye to her dashing boys. As she continued to prep Honeycomb’s bottle, she heard her daughter singing softly. Although Vanilla loved to hear her children playing, a frown pulled at her face.

Another mysterious doll appeared in their mailbox the day after Honeycomb was born. The package mimicked the parcel that arrived after Strawberry was born; no name of the sender, addressed to a newborn, and contained a doll only slightly different from Strawberry’s. Apple and Vanilla couldn’t understand why these dolls would arrive for two of their children. When they had tried to research these mysterious events, they couldn’t find any information about the strange dolls. She sighed with a shake of her head and continued to prepare the bottle.

Later that evening, the Cobblers headed to the elementary school to watch Strawberry ‘graduate’ from the boy scouts. While sitting in the auditorium watching the little scouts receive their certificates, Vanilla’s eyes started tearing. She was having difficulties comprehending that her little Strawberry was growing up. Apple noticed her sentimental tears and put his hand lovingly over hers.


Cherry snuck up the spiral staircase to his brother’s room. The door creaked slightly has he opened it slowly. He winced at the slight sound hoping that his brother wouldn’t wake up. An uninterrupted snore told him that Strawberry was still fast asleep. Cherry grabbed a discarded pillow from the floor and smacked his brother in the head.

“Wake up, bro! Breakfast is ready!”

Strawberry snorted in shock at the unpredicted attack; “Wha-?”

“Mom made waffles!” Cherry laughed with another blow to Strawberry’s face.

“You’re going down!”

*crickets chirping* Hi everyone! *tumble wheat passes* Oh boy, yeah it’s been almost a month since my last post. Same ol’ excuse different day, right? I’m going to try my hardest to update more regularly since everything is pretty much settled from the move. I hope you all are doing well, I’ve missed reading legacies and talking to you all :).

Thanks for reading and happy simming!













Vanilla crept into the shaded nursery. The morning sun peeked through the zoo-themed curtains. Strawberry was still fast asleep. His little tummy rose and fell with each sleeping breath. She smiled as she stroked his red hair softly; this was the first morning since he was born that Strawberry had not woken up at the crack of dawn. Vanilla tiptoed out of the room to let her son enjoy a few more moments in Dreamland. While heading to the kitchen to start breakfast, she noticed the red flag on the mailbox was up. She raised a slender gray eyebrow, it was only 7:30, the mailman never came this early. Unable to control her curiosity, Vanilla walked outside to peer into the mailbox.


A white box trimmed with ribbon sat inside. Perplexed, Vanilla took the box out; a gold tag hanging from the middle of the ribbon flapped in the makeshift breeze. She turned it in her hand to see the name of the receiver; Strawberry Cobbler. Vanilla started at the tag in wonder; who would be sending Strawberry a gift? Melvin had already gotten Strawberry some toddler books for his birthday.



Turning the package around her hands, Vanilla walked back into the house.


“Come on, champ. One more step for Daddy.”

With a little grunt of effort, Strawberry took one final step before falling into Apple.

“That’s my boy! Nilla, you just missed Strawberry walk almost across the room!” Apple exclaimed tossing Strawberry in the air.

The mysterious package was forgotten for a moment as Vanilla watched her husband and son giggle ecstatically; “Way to go, baby!”

“Hey, what’s that?” Apple asked once he noticed the parcel in Vanilla’s hand.

She looked at the box again, “It’s a package for Strawberry.”

Apple took the package from his wife’s hands. Like her, he turned the box around in his hands; “I guess there’s only one way to find out what’s inside.”

Vanilla held Strawberry close to her chest as Apple tore open the package. Inside of the box sat a strange looking doll. Strawberry took one look at the doll and outstretched his tiny hands.


Vanilla put down a squirming Strawberry as Apple carefully handed the doll over to his son. The two adults watched in puzzlement as their child hugged the strange little doll as though it had been a long lost toy.


“Are you positive Melvin didn’t send this?” Apple asked looking at the tag once more.

“Yes, he was here the other day for about four hours. He mentioned nothing about a doll, only the picture books.” Vanilla answered.






The dolls continued to cause confusion as the years passed. As Strawberry grew, Vanilla and Apple would see less and less of the doll whom Strawberry had named Puzzle.


“Mom, he told me his name was Puzzle.”

Although the actual doll was becoming less visible, Strawberry’s companionship with it did not wane.


While on maternity leave with their second child, Vanilla walked in on Strawberry watching television by himself. She smiled as he laughed at the cartoon he was engrossed in. Her smile faded when he began to hold a conversation with himself.


“No thanks, I’m not hungry.”

“Of course you can get a snack, Mom won’t mind.

“Haha! That’s a good one, Puzzle.”



Vanilla was unnerved by the constant appearance of Puzzle. She slipped silently out of the kitchen to the bedroom where Apple was changing out of his uniform.

“He’s talking to Puzzle again.” She said.

Apple grunted without gazing up; “He’s always talking to Puzzle. Strawberry’s entire world revolves around Puzzle.”

“That doesn’t bother you?”

“Of course it bothers me, but he’s just a kid with an imaginary friend. Loads of kids have imaginary friends.”

Vanilla felt a tiny kick against her rib cage. Absentmindedly she stroked her round belly. Her thoughts, though, were glued to Strawberry’s well being.

“I think you should talk to him.” She decided.

Apple turned to her; “Talk to him? About what? What the hell do you want me to say? ‘Hey son, why don’t you stop talking about Puzzles because you’re starting to freak your mom and me out?’”

Vanilla closed her eyes for a moment. She tried her best to ignore Apple’s retort. He was just as concered as she was; she knew that. Apple ran a hand through his already tousled hair in desperation; “I’m sorry, Nilla. I didn’t mean that. I’ll go talk to him.” He apologized with a kiss on her cheek.

She watched Apple leave the bedroom in silence. Different scenarios of how Apple’s talk ran through her mind. She pressed her ear against the wooden door to see if she could hear anything; nothing. With a sigh, Vanilla sat on the bed waiting for her husband’s return. Her heart skipped a beat when the bedroom door opened.

“How did it go?” she asked anxiously.

“Fine.” Apple answered taking her hands in his.

She looked down at their connected hands; “No offence, honey, but this doesn’t seem reassuring at all.”

He smiled; “I know, but Strawberry is perfectly fine.”

“How? I want to know everything.”


“He was doing his homework when I went in. I simply asked him if Puzzle had ever told him to do bad things.”

“You asked him that?” asked a wide-eyed Vanilla.

“Yeah, he actually got pretty scared at that. Strawberry assured me that Puzzle would never do anything bad.”

She left out a sigh of relief; hopefully Strawberry would grow out of his fascination with his imaginary friend.


Yikes, it’s been a few weeks since I last posted. I’m working on getting back into the groove of posting regularly again. Hope you all are doing well! Thanks for sticking around guys!

I am finally done moving!!! 🙂 🙂 I’m very excited! Hopefully a new chapter will be up in the next few days.

Sorry about this impromptu break I’m going to have to take (it’s already begun actually), but until this whole moving business is settled I won’t have too much energy to be writing out chapters. March was just atrocious and I have a feeling the rest of April isn’t going to go too much smoothly. I hope you all can understand and forgive me for this prolonged break. If you can’t, than tough nuggets! :D. Once everything has settled down, which will probably be closer to the end of May, I’ll be able to get back into playing and writing with the Cobblers and also catching up on reading legacies/stories/etc.

Talk to you all in about a month and half!

Gabrielle 🙂

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile hasn’t it? I guess I’ll start with the update on what’s going on…I’m not sure when the next chapter will be posted because I’m in the process of finding a new place to live. :/ This has sprung out completely out of the blue and I’m a complete emotional mess. Soooo, honestly this hwole situation did not come at the best time. Moving and college, I’m feeling, do not mix.

Anyway, on a positive note, I did get Showtime yesterday. I only played a few hours but ahhh! It’s amazing so far. I’ll post a few pictures I have, but I’ll have to take more for you guys because I am in love. 🙂 There are so many great features from  the past sims games (Sims 1 and Sims 2). Seriously freinds, followers, and lurkers, go back this expansion pack. You won’t be disappointed 🙂

Picture time! I made a simmie whose name was inspired by the new town that comes with Showtime. Her name is Moonlight Dazzle.

Of coruse I didn’t take a good picture of her so you could see what she looks like. She’s in the singing career 🙂 The picture above shows her giving a Sing-A-Gram on her first day. Look at the cute Freezer Bunny plush! I definitely want one!

As she progresses in the singing career which is set up like the professions with Ambitions, she gets new songs and Sing-A-Grams.

Her first show at a venue.

Moonwalk! ❤

The sims who are watching the show will react either negatively or positively. This simmie held up his cell phone during Moonlight’s show.

Finishing the show with a bow.

In this screenshot she’s at a level 6, I believe. As your sim progresses in the singer career, you can add decorations on the stage and change your sim’s stage outfit. After this show, Moonlight earned a weekly job at this club.

The photobooth is back! How adorable is this photo? Wait until you see the next one…

Ahh! How cute is the romantic picture? Zacherie was a tourist from France that Moonlight took a liking to. He is now her boyfriend and living in Starlight Shores with her. I gave him a Showtime makeover. Isn’t he cute?

Here’s the back of Zacherie’s head, he’s watching an acrobat performing at a local SimFest. How cool!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures yet, but this is definitely my favorite expansion pack so far. I hope you guys are all doing well.

Happy Simming! ❤

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