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As the sun crawled slowly across the foggy sky in Moonlight Falls, Peach Sorbet made her way down a deserted dirt road. To her relief, a dozen lamps shone off in the distance; she had made her way from Appalosa Plains to start fresh in Moonlight Falls. Peach paused for a moment, took off her shoe and began to shake out stray pebbled from the road.

“Rotten stones, how’s a girl supposed to find a new home when her feet are being cut by jagged rocks?” she asked no one in particular.

After a few good shakes, Peach put her shoe back on and continued into town. The infamous Midnight Falls fog made the air around her hazy and a bit disorienting, but Peach continued walking. She knew that if she stopped walking she would never start up again. Leaving the familiarity of Appalosa Plains had taken all the energy she could muster up. Life back in the Plains had been good. Peach had married right after high school to a young fisherman; Spearmint Bubble. They shared the dream of owning a perfect garden and they begun immediately making their dream a reality. Early morning planting turned into a full day job once the crops had started growing. Things became even harder once the twins had been born.

Peach bit her bottom lip when she thought about their babies. Gone, they were all gone: Spearmint, Cinnamon, Jellybean…Somehow Peach had been the only survivor of the house fire. The fire that couldn’t be explained, the local papers had called it. No one knew how the fire started. The only certainty was that Peach had lost her family and until recently; her will to live.

Peach shook the memories of her past out of her mind. It was then that she realized she was sitting in a park.

“Moonlight falls,” she whispered to the quiet town, “help me forget the past.”

With a sigh, she heaved herself off the ground to look to buy a house.

When she exited the real estate office, Peach saw a young girl selling goodies in the park Peach had previously vacated. Intrigued, Peach made her way over to the stand.

“Hello Miss, would you like to try a baked good?” the little girl asked excitedly when Peach stood in front of her stand.

“I would, but they all look so yummy.” Peach teased, “What is this one?” she asked pointed to a muffin

“Oho! This is my newest addition, a jellybean muffin.”

A sharp paint twisted in her heart, “Hmm, sounds tempting, but I think I’ll have this.” Peach decided pointing at a piece of vanilla cake.

“Thanks! That’ll be 11 simoleans.” The little girl beamed handing Peach the cake.

Peach smiled and added 20 simoleans into the girl’s money jar.

Peach made her way to a bench to eat her cake.

“You’re in luck,” the real estate agent had told Peach, “I have a house that just opened up last week. It’s small, but a perfect place for a single person household.”

“I’ll take it.” She had said.

The agent had stammered, asking Peach if she had wanted to see the place first. Peach had declined then wrote a check. Peach felt accomplished; she wasn’t going to have to sleep on a park bench until a home opened up. Her sense of pride was slowly coming back. For a small moment, Peach felt her spirits rise, even her newly purchased vanilla cake tasted like heaven.

“Ahahahaaa!” Peach heard across the park.  She set her empty plate on the ground to find out where the mysterious laughter came from. As she adventured through the park, out of the corner of her eye she saw a floating plant. Peach gasped loudly when a ghost hopped out of the flowerpot.

The ghost turned at the sound of her gasp; “Don’t be alarmed, mortal. I’m only here to entertain the shrubbery.”

“What?” Peach asked in confusion.

The ghost laughed; “I’m only joking. I’m a ghost of the Goth family.”

“Nice to meet you,” Peach greeted after an awkward, cold handshake, “my name is Peach Sorbet, I just moved here.”

“Neat, there aren’t many mortals here in Moonlight Falls. You’ll definitely add some color to the neighborhood, no pun intended.” The Goth ghost told her.

“Not many mortals?” Peach repeated.

“Nope, but not to worry, just be careful of the full moon. All the creatures come out when the moon is full.” The ghost warned.

A distant screech interrupted their conversation; “Oh man, someone’s stealing my scares. There is just no respect among the dead. Sorry Peach, I’m being called. Make sure you check out the sights around the neighborhood. You’ll enjoy yourself, trust me. Nice to meet you!” she called floating off in the direction of another ghost.

“Explore the town, huh?”

Peach spent the rest of her first day in Moonlight Falls exploring the secrets the neighborhood had to offer. She found a handful of seeds and mushrooms to start her new garden.

Peach also found solace in investigating the Library of Antiquity which had a hidden room deep within the basement.

It was at the library where Peach began to notice something strange was going on in Moonlight Falls.

While making her way back from the secret room, Peach saw a woman carrying a little girl who had sparkling, pink wings. The sight of the little wings mesmerized her; she had never seen a sim with wings before. A scratching sound distracted her from the winged toddler.

“No! Bad boy, we do not scratch the furniture.” Peach heard a woman scold. She watched as another toddler destroy a wooden desk with his…claws?

What is going on with this town? She thought as she headed outdoors.

Peach Sorbet had no idea what kind of town she moved into.

All I can say is; SUPERNATURAL!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’ve been playing so much since I bought the expansion on Tuesday. This is definitely my favorite expansion so far. What better way to explore the Supernatural than to start the Sorbet’s over? I couldn’t get Peach the exact way I made her previously, but I definitely like this version as well. Hope you all did as well!

Thanks for reading and happy simming!


The sound of footsteps broke through the night. A couple rushed down a deserted sidewalk in Riverview.

“Vanilla!” the man called to the woman who was slightly ahead of him; “Slow down, we’re fine.”

Vanilla Bean Cobbler slowed just a bit until she came to the front of a small house, then she stopped completely.

“Is this it?” she asked turning to face the man.

“This is it.” Apple Cobbler answered looking at the house warmly.

Vanilla glanced over Apple’s shoulder just to make sure that no one had followed them.

“Vanilla, no one knows we’re here.” Apple assured grasping her cold hands in his. The night wasn’t too cold, but the darkness had a slight chill that was just enough for one to wish they had the comfort of a jacket; “no one has followed us.” He said rubbing her fingers in an attempt to warm them.

After a long day of traveling, they were exhausted; exhausted, but free. Apple and Vanilla had met almost a year ago. Apple had been in the town of Graysville researching some of the military options the town offered in hope to find a suitable career met his interests. Apple had been thoroughly surprised that Graysville completely lacked color. The streets were gray, the sky was gray, even the people were gray. He hadn’t realized that Graysville was going to be full of so much…gray.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t found any openings at the military base so he was going to head back home with a saddened disposition. That is, until he saw Vanilla. Vanilla, although completely gray like everyone and everything, caught his eye expectantly. She had been scanning a newspaper searching for something in front of the super market. There had been a produce and fruit sale going on and she had been inspecting a foreign gray fruit that Apple had never seen before.

“Excuse me, Miss.” He heard her say to the woman behind the stand of unappetizing looking food; “The ad says that these,” she held up a prickly looking fruit, “are four simoleans per pound, yet they’re marked as six per pound. I want to purchase these for the advertised price please.”

Something about this frugal woman drew him towards her. He didn’t know where his confidence came from when he suddenly was in front of her introducing himself. After that moment, Vanilla and Apple had become nearly inseparable. Apple would make the two hour journey to Graysville form Riverview on countless occasions so they could spend time together. They had learned so much about each other during those times. She had learned that if it wasn’t socially unacceptable he wouldn’t step foot in a shower because of his hydrophobia. And Apple learned that he was her first experience with color. Her parents, along with the majority of the Graysville inhabitants, despised color. They believed that color was too distracting and corrupted the minds of those exposed to it.

“But after seeing you,” she had said, “I finally realize that color isn’t bad at all.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous.”

After months of planning, Apple and Vanilla had secretly eloped then fled Graysville to Apple’s hometown, Riverview.

“I promise that everything is going to be alright.”

Vanilla sighed, checking behind her one last time. “I know you’re right and I also know that my parents won’t ever look for me.” She replied a bit sadly. She had never gotten along with her parents. They had been too ‘busy’ to spend time with her when she was growing up. Their absence had left bitterness in Vanilla’s heart that she tried her best every day to get rid of.

“Come on, it’s pretty late. Let’s head in for our first night as husband and wife shall we?” Apple asked with an encouraging tug on her hand.

“Okay.” Vanilla smiled.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us, Apple.” Vanilla said taking in her new environment with a slight frown.

“Keep an open mind, babe. Welcome to our new home.”

A short sweet introduction for the Cobbler Rainbowcy 2.0. I must say it’s definitely good to have a fresh start with this family. 🙂

A tiny red dot cut through the blades of dewy grass. The dot
rested on a group of lush green waiting to be cultivated for future produce
growth. Out of nowhere came a blur of white, for a moment the red dot
disappeared only to reappear on top of a tiny white paw.

The white and pink cat let out a playful purr as the dot
glided across the grass once more.

“Come on Sprinkles. Where’s that pesky dot gonna stop next?”
the young woman holding the laser pointer giggled.

To anyone who would happen to walk past, they might not take
notice of the playful cat and her owner but rather the small house with the
large plowed back yard. It was this humble abode that attracted peering eyes.
Not many sims in the area grew their own produce. Sure, home grown food was
better than buying processed food and cheaper than buying food from the market
in general, but with the hustle and bustle of today’s society; who has the

Peach Sorbet, owner of the tiny home and playful cat, was
dedicated to the farming lifestyle. After growing up in a farming household in
Riverview, Peach had purchased a plot of land on the outside of Riverview in
order to start her own farming business.

Peach knew from experience that farming involves intense
dedication. Even though she had never been the sole person in charge of a field
of crops, she knew that her farming skills could help her be a success in her
new home.

“We best get to bed early, Sprinkles. We’ve got a lot of
plantin’ to do in the morning.” Peach snuggled her feline friend.

As the days passed, Peach settled into a relaxing yet busy
routine of planting, watering, weeding and harvesting.

Even though farming made her feel that she was helping the
environment and her neighbors, there were still some stresses in her simple
life. Paying the bills was Peach’s biggest stress. Her garden was still quite
small so the money she received from selling the small basket of produce was
barely enough to pay the bills that came twice a week. One night while flipping
through the small amount of bills that she had accumulated throughout the week,
she heard a muffled meow from Sprinkles.

“What ya got there kitty cat?” Peach asked when she noticed
that Sprinkles had something in her mouth.

Peach smiled when Sprinkles dropped a small lizard on the
carpet. Her heart warmed at the thought of her pet trying to help pay the
bills. She crouched down to pick up the small reptile.

“Good girl, Sprinkles. You’ve been practicing.” She praised
scratching Sprinkles behind her ears.

Paying the bills was not the only obstacle that Peach had to

“Those darn critters keep eating my tomatoes!” Peach
exclaimed after going on in the garden to find some of her tomato plants had
been eaten again. She hated to throw away produce, especially since she needed
all the produce she could grow to make all her ends meet. Her expenses had
recently gone up because she had adopted a playmate for Sprinkles.

Milk Dud, although shy at first,

Warmed up to the Sorbet household fairly quickly.

Peach was happy with her simple farming life. She had two
pets that she adored,

But there was something missing in her productive life.


Eeee! Finally the first chapter of this challenge. 🙂 I have a feeling that the next couple of chapters will be a bit on the short side. I haven’t played too far ahead with the Sorbets because my game was acting a bit funky. I’m hoping that I have everything figured out now.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Happy Simming


a/n: if you haven’t read the previous chapter click HERE to catch up 🙂

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes
right? No? Well consider yourself lucky. My name is Sugar Cobbler and I’m
having one of those days.

“Blarggg!” I shrieked as I received a face full of hot

“No one hurt themselves getting up; I’ll just brush off the
scalding steam that was just propelled in my face.” I called over my shoulder
to my family who were still focused on their breakfast.

“Don’t be so dramatic, Sugar.” My sister rolled her eyes
between bites of pancake.

“Sugar, I just used the cappuccino machine with no
problems.” My mom replied as she sipped her vanilla bean cappuccino which was
brewed at a perfect temperature.

“Don’t women pay big bucks to get a face full of steam?” my
father asked.

Mom patted his leg lovingly; “Not quite, dear.”

Starfruit stood up from the dining room table to rinse of
her breakfast plate. She giggled past me after I put my unused coffee cup in
the sink.

“It’s nice to know that I’m not the dramatic one.” She laughed
hip checking me out of the way.

“Everyone knows you’re the grumpy one, Star.” I shot back
sticking my tongue out at her.

“Knock it off, you two.” Dad intervened.

I rolled my eyes in exasperation. Ever since Mom had decided
to make me heiress, things had started to go wrong.  It’s not that I’m ungrateful that Mom picked
me, I just wished she had told me that my days were going to start

I huffed into the living room and plopped next to Tapioca.

“What’s up with you, sis?”

“Nothing is going right for me today, Tap. Hey, do you want
to be the heiress?” I asked hopefully.

“Uh, no thanks.”

“Bummer.” I sighed.

School wasn’t any better. Unfortunately, my partner in
crime, Ruby, was home sick. I had never experienced such a long day in my life.
The classes that I had looked forward to, the classes that I shared with Ruby,
were ridiculously boring. I never knew how boring Simerican History really was.


“You have been making a lot of different curious noises
today.” Mom remarked as I tried to tackle my homework.

“Today can be compared to having a llama sit on your face.”
I grumbled erasing another stupid mistake.

Mom stopped her work to look up at me; “I will never understand
your metaphors, Sugar. Can I assume that you’re having a bad day?”

“Yes,” I groaned; “Everything is going wrong.”

“Unfortunately, this is a part of life.” she told me.

“Yeah, I know.”

“Is there something else on your mind?”

Parents, they always seem to know that you’re keeping
something from them. Mom had to be the Queen of this.

“Did things start to wrong in your life after you were told
that you were going to be heiress?” I asked softly. I really didn’t want to
offend Mom or let her believe that I couldn’t handle this responsibility.

“Well,” she pondered, “not really, unless you count your
Uncle Creamsickle marrying your Aunt Chocolate, now that was brutal.”

I laughed; “I knew you never liked Aunt Chocolate.”

“All jokes aside though, Sugar. I know you can handle the responsibility
that comes with being heiress. Of course it’s going to be difficult, but you
can and will get past the struggles. Besides, I’m always here if you need any

“Thanks Mom.” I told her. I really did appreciate her words
of wisdom. If anyone knew about the stress of being heiress, it was Pumpkin

“Why don’t you go snoop on the neighbors? I think Starfruit
has finally given the new telescope a break.” Mom suggested with a smile.

I shut my notebook with a sharp snap. Before I ran out of
the dining room, I gave Mom a quick kiss on the cheek; “Thanks again, Mom.”

Crickets chirped all around me as I focused the telescope.
The stars twinkled like little streetlamps in the night sky. I wasn’t
interested in the stars, though. I positioned the telescope for a better view
of my target, the gorgeous single man that lived a couple of blocks away from
our home.

“Tee hee, wait until I tell Star that mark on his butt is
not a mole!”


“Prepare to lose!” Tapioca exclaimed releasing the small red
ball onto the court.

Friday night was the best night of the week. Not only was it
the start of the weekend, but it was our family night. A night full of: games,
junk food, and most importantly, laughter. Our weekly foosball tournament was
the main focus tonight.

“Mom, watch our goal!” Starfruit exclaimed blocking a kick
from me.

“Oh no!” Mom shrieked as the ball clanked into their goal.

“Whoo Hoo! Victorious at last, good game bro.” I congratulated
giving Tapioca a high five.

“Aw yeah!”

Starfruit crossed her arms in annoyance; “You guys are so
lame, I’m out of here.”

“Star, come on. Don’t be a spoil sport.” Mom sighed as
Starfruit stormed out of the room.

Dad shut his book; “Where does that girl get her temper
from? Pumpkin, you’re just dramatic. I figure that’s where Sugar gets her
dramatics from, but other than that we’re both pretty mild tempered.”

“Gee, thanks Dad.” I laughed.

“Yes, Grapefruit you sure know how to describe my
personality most perfectly. Go back to reading your book, dear.” Mom said with
a roll of her eyes.

A soft melody drifted through the door. Starfruit usually sought
solace in her guitar when she was stressed or irritated. She was quite good for
being a grumpy genius, in my opinion. I always loved to hear her play. It was
unfortunate that she wasn’t interested in becoming a musician.

The three of us listened to Starfruit’s soft melody in silence.
After a while, we started heading to bed. As I changed into my pajamas, I
couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in Starfruit’s mind. She seemed a
bit more agitated than usual.

At the risk of being dramatic, I’m just going to let you
guys know that this has been the week from hell. No flippin’ lie. I’ve been
having a week long fight with my internet provider. I’ll spare you my rant, but
my internet connection is still not stable which really dampens my mood because
(I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this) my college courses are all online. :/

I also wanted to apologize again for my absence. This whole
ordeal has really tested my patience and I just haven’t been feeling myself
because I’m so stressed out. Anyway, I hope you all are doing well and thanks
(again!!) for sticking with me.

Love you guys! ❤


“Come on Cream, let’s just do it. I need to get away from my parents. Besides Mom just had twins, you know how I feel about kids.”

“Alright, Chocolate I’ve got some money set aside that should be enough for us to elope.”

My brother and his new fiancé had been whispering in the kitchen for almost an hour.

“Elope? Do Mom and Dad know about his elopement?” I asked sauntering into the kitchen. They didn’t. I knew that for a fact because I had heard Mom gushing over the phone about wedding plans to Aunt Meringue.

“Pumpkin!” Chocolate exclaimed happily. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Chocolate was as sweet as her name. She was always so upbeat; constantly smiling…ugh it was sickening.

“Hi Chocolate,” I mumbled as she enveloped me in a rib crushing hug. She didn’t catch the annoyance in my voice, but Creamsickle did. He frowned at me behind Chocolate’s back.

“I suppose you overheard that your brother and I are planning on eloping.” She sighed after releasing me from her vicious hug.

Now even though Chocolate was a sweet girl, she was dumb as a rock. She had the sick delusion that I was not only five years old, but that I was impervious to the happenings of the real world. Of course, I couldn’t help but play into her naivety.

“You and Creamy are going to move away aren’t you?” I pretended to sulk.

“Pumpkin,” Creamsickle warned. Curse him; he was keen to all of my tricks.

Chocolate smiled at me warmly. Oh no, I was going to hear about how my brother proposed to her again.

Gag, if I had to hear “Oh it was so romantic” one more time I was going to scream. Come on Chocolate, my brother proposed to you outside of a club. It wasn’t that romantic!

“…one day, Pumpkin, you’ll find the man of your dreams. Like I have.” She smiled at Creamsickle.

“Ookay, Choc,” I said backing away from her just in case I was going to receive another hug, “Creamy can I talk to you alone for a minute?”

Chocolate practically pushed Creamy and I into the living room with another stupid anecdote about the importance of having good relationships with our siblings.

“What are you playing at?” Creamsickle hissed at me once we were alone.

“A proposition,” I stated simply.

“No way,”

I ignored his answer; “I won’t tell the parentals about your change of wedding plans and you don’t rat me out for going to a party tonight. “

 I watched as Creamy debated my proposition; “Deal, but don’t even try to tell Mom and Dad because I’m going to tell them now.”

“No problem big brother!” I exclaimed kissing him on the cheek.

“Be careful, will you?”


Creamsickle was true to his word, Mom and Dad never knew about my late night sneak out to a kickin’ party. The party was hosted by one of the popular girls in school. Trust me, I didn’t go to the party to been seen, I went to the party because of two words. Burberry Krimpet.

The Krimpet family was new to the neighborhood. Burberry was gorgeous and I’ve had my eye on him since I first saw him. I was estatic when I heard he was going to be at the party last night, but unfortunately nothing happened between us.

As I sat down at breakfast with Dad and Almond I was thinking about what I could do at school to make Burberry notice me.

“Almond, you’ll be graduating soon. Your mother and I are very proud of you.” Dad was saying.

“Thanks, Dad.”

“Have you any ideas what you want to do with your life?”

“I don’t know, I’m thinking about trying to become one of those chess legends.”

I snorted into my cereal; “Chess legend, seriously? How lame!”

“Now Pumpkin, mind yourself,” Dad warned.

“Don’t worry about it, Dad. Pumpkin has the small amount of brain cells she had lusting over Burberry Krimpet.” Almond retaliated.

“Burberry Krimpet? The boy next door?” Dad questioned.

“Yeah, Pumpkin’s been making googley eyes at him every day at school.” I heard Cashew exclaim from the living room.

What a little twirp! Being surrounded by brothers really dampens on my quest for boys.

“Mind your business, Shew!”

Luckily before Dad could yell at me again for tormenting Cashew the horn of the school bus interrupted our breakfast.

Progress! Burberry agreed to invite me over to his house for a ‘study session’ this afternoon. So after convincing Almond to tell our parents that I stayed after school to help my teacher clean up, I was off to the Krimpet mansion.

“Algebra is totally a waste of time, don’t you think?” I sighed dramatically opening my math notebook.

“I quite like algebra, actually.” Burberry responded writing down his answer for our first homework equation.

“Hmm, well I guess I’m just not as smart as you.” I responded with a pout.

“Oh, come on Pumpkin, you’re a smart girl,” he told me, “You just get hung up on the materialistic aspects of life.”

“I suppose you’re right.” I frowned convincing myself to ignore his criticism.

Drat, the homework flirt didn’t work as well as I had planned. Time for plan B.

“I’m glad you invited me over for this study session. I really appreciate it. How about next time we spend some time at my place?” I asked leaning towards him as flirtatiously as possible.

He turned away from me; “Look Pumpkin, you’re a pretty girl and all, but I’m just not looking for a relationship right now. I’m still getting used to the goings on in Sunset Valley. You understand don’t you?”

“Y-yes, of course I understand. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable, that was not my intention. Friends?” I answered.

Burberry smiled; “Best friends,”

He gave me a quick hug before I headed out the front door. I was surprised at how long I held my composure.

“Heeheehee, oh Grapefruit that’s hilarious!”

Burberry’s sister’s insanely high giggle rattled my last nerve. I had to suppress the nerve to chuck a rock at her. I ran home half blind. Tears of rejection stung my eyes while blurring my vision. I ran up to my bedroom ignoring the looks from my family.

“What in the world?” I heard Mom question. I didn’t care what anyone had to say. I was in love with Burberry and all he wanted to do was best friends! I flopped down on my bed and began to cry.

“I’ll go see what’s going on.” Key Lime told Mango.

“Don’t stress yourself, love. I’m sure she just got into a silly argument with her friend. She did spend the whole afternoon at her friend’s house, you know. Pumpkin can be a bit….bossy.” Mango replied grabbing a plate of tofu hamburgers.

“She got into a fight with Burberry?” Cashew asked.

“Burberry, that’s a funny name for a girl.” Mango said.

“Mango, Burberry is the name of the boy who just moved in next door. Didn’t you have this conversation with the kids this morning?” Key Lime asked.

“Oh right, so Pumpkin’s friend is mad at Burberry?”

Key Lime smiled before kissing her husband’s forehead; “silly dear, don’t you worry about a thing. I’ll take care of everything.”

“Pumpkin, young lady you are grounded!” Key Lime shouted up the stairs.

Yep, my life is officially over.

Hey, hey everyone! 🙂 This chapter is a bit short, but it’s important to the story plot. For some reason I didn’t take a lot of pictures of Pumpkin’s teenhood. I don’t know why because usually I take too many pictures, lol.

Hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading. 🙂

I couldn’t believe that  Dad chose me to carry on the family legacy. This new responsibility weighed down on my shoulders like an invisible toddler playing piggyback. I wonder if my conversation with him at the lake subconsciously influenced his decision, I knew that he was struggling with this tough to decision that my grandparents had to make. I had a feeling that Lemon Cream blew her chances when she hooked up with Lemon Lime, but I had no idea that I was the best candidate.

 Meringue and I contemplated how dad finalized his decision. Meringue thought that he would choose the one with the best grades in school, but I quickly shot that idea down because I certainly did not have the best grades out of all the Cobbler children. Even as a child school never came easy for me. I became bored quickly when listening to lectures all day about things that I would never use in everyday life. I had told my father that I wanted to be in the science career and I plan to make my dream come true, but right now I was focusing mostly on getting through high school. My eldest sister made a reputation for herself that wasn’t exactly something to be proud of. Everyone looked at her like she was a piece of meat; they viewed her as a girl who threw away everything she wanted to get out of high school for boy. My twin and I were not like that, we have a hard enough time trying to fit in with the other girls at school because of our parents. Everyone knew about my grandmother about how she came to Sunset Valley and was the only person who is completely gray. She didn’t know what color was until she arrived at her home that is now ours.

To some people my grandmother wasn’t anything special. To me though, she was the greatest person that ever lived even though I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time with her. Grandma Vanilla was like the pioneers we learned about in history class. She left her home in a desperate escape from the harsh traditions of her family. Honestly, I would have liked to visit her hometown and meet her family. I miss her and Grandpa Apple very much. Although, Dad mentioned that he saw Grandpa’s ghost the other night. I wish I would have been awake to experience that.

I know that most people would view ghosts as uninvited guests, but not me. I would love to conduct some experiments concerning ghosts, but as of now I have no idea how to go about doing that. Speaking of uninvited guests, Lemon Crème celebrated her birthday a couple of days ago.

I have to admit I was a little bit jealous when Mom and Dad brought out her birthday present…a new guitar. A guitar, seriously!? I may be musically challenged, but oh I would have loved to pluck a few chords, but it has been hogged by its owner.

The guitar is not the uninvited guest though; do I really need to say whom I am talking about? Well just in case I need to, it’s Lemon Lime Punch.

Yes, unfortunately the infamous Lemon Lime Punch is now staying in our home. Lemon Crème received a letter in the mail shortly after her birthday. It was from Lemon Lime, she wouldn’t tell anyone what the note said. Whatever he wrote though made her exceedingly happy. I love my sister to death, heck I love all of my siblings very much, but I don’t want to see them get their feelings hurt. I just know that Lemon Lime is going to hurt her in some way.

No one is happy that Lemon Lime is staying. Dad was positively fuming when he found out.

“Relax please, Dad. This is only temporary. Until we can save up the money to buy a home together then we’ll be able to move out.” Lemon Crème said as her boyfriend dragged his suitcases into the house.

“Oh dear.” Mom had sighed when Lemon Lime put on a ridiculously cheesy smile as he huffed into the house.

“There! Whoo, I didn’t realize how long that walkway was. How about shortening it huh, Pops?” Lemon Lime said nudging Dad with an elbow.

“Come on sweetie, I’ll show you to your room.” Lemon Crème said grabbing Lemon Lime’s hand.

Meringue and I exchanged dumbstruck looks. I glanced back at Dad, I noticed that his eye was twitching ever so slightly.

“Buttercream, where do you keep your ax for work?” he asked casually.

“Cherry.” Mom replied warningly.

A wave of laughter rippled through Meringue and I.

“Ugh,” Dad groaned,” Key Lime go get your brother. We’re going to out to eat at Uncle Plum’s restaurant.”

“Got it.” I answered heading into my little brother’s room.

“Hey kiddo, whatcha up to?”

“Staying away from Lemon Lime.” Sunflower answered holding the wooden dolls further apart.

“Sounds like a good idea you’ve got, but get dressed. Dad’s taking us to Uncle Plum’s restaurant.”  I laughed.

“Oh boy!” Sunflower exclaimed.

“Hey Dad, is Lemon Crème’s boyfriend really going to stay with us?” Sunflower asked as we made our way inside the crowded building.

Dad tapped his fingers against his thigh in irritation; “It sure looks that way. For his sake and ours we can only hope that he won’t be staying too long.”

We didn’t get a chance to talk to Uncle Plum because there were so many people waiting to eat some of his awesome food. One we received our meal we headed outside to eat.

“I can’t believe you got a hotdog!” Meringue said to Dad.

We all started to laugh when he took a bit bite instead of answering Meringue’s exclamation. Oh my crazy family.

“Mmmm, really expensive hotdog.”

Life pretty much went back to normal after that, besides the fact that Lemon Lime was crashing at our place.  I have never lived with anyone so messy before! And my family thinks I’m a slob! Lemon Lime leaves his dirty laundry everywhere! The other day I found his nasty, dirty boxers under the stairs. I don’t even want to know how they got under there.

“Mom, can’t you kick him out or something?” I asked avoiding a discarded sock that way thrown haphazardly in the middle of the living room floor.

“I would love to, but I made a big deal about letting him stay to your father. You know how your father fells about the boy, so I would hate to go back on my word. Especially since Cherry will never let me hear the end of it.”

A loud squeal interrupted our conversation. Mom and I ran to the second floor to see what was going on.

“Oh Lemon Lime, of course I’ll marry you!”

“Uh oh, Dad is going to freak when he finds out.” I mumbled.

Mom brought a hand to her forehead; “Your father is going to lose his mind.”

I was secretly hoping that Dad would beat up Lemon Lime, but by some odd force of nature, that didn’t happen.

“So, I heard about your engagement to my daughter.” Dad said over breakfast the next morning.

“Yeah, it’s a big step.” Lemon Lime answered.

“Isn’t it traditional to ask the parents for permission before asking your girlfriend’s hand in marriage?” Meringue cut in.

“If we were living in the stone age.” He snorted.

“Ugh.” She answered leaving the table.

“What’s with her?” Lemon Lime asked Dad.

Dad too left the table.

“When are they leaving again?”

“Soon honey, soon.”

My apologies for the short chapter. I’m having the worst case of writer’s block! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday! 🙂 oh and thank you for the suggestions about the clock issue I mentioned earlier, it’s running normal again 🙂

Becoming heir to the family legacy is still surreal to me. Yeah, that’s me with the red hair. In case you’ve forgotten, my name is Cherry Cobbler. I’m the second born son of Vanilla and Apple Cobbler. I have an older brother, Strawberry, and two younger brothers, Raspberry and Plum.

Plum…he’s the reason Mom is depressed. I don’t what to think about that situation anymore. Things have gotten a little better though.

Mom is finally interacting with Plum. She’s actually picking him up more often now. I’m happy that she’s finally coming out of her depression. I know Dad has tried everything to make her feel like herself again. Most of it was unsuccessful, but to watch him take up the role of both the mother and the father in our household was kind of upsetting. There’s only so much responsibility for one person to handle. No matter how strong they are.

We are always wondering when Mom will be 100% better. She has her good days and her bad days…I hate when that expression is being used. It always makes me feel like she has cancer or something. I’m not sure how to explain my feelings coherently, you know? Hmmm…

What was I talking about again? Oh well, it must not have been too important.

One of her good days came on a sunny afternoon. Dad had just gotten off of work, Strawberry was out with his girlfriend and I’m actually not sure where Raspberry was hiding. Anyway I had just finished my homework when Dad challenged me to a game. We had been out there for almost half an hour when Mom offered to join our game.

“Are you sure you’re up for the challenge, Ma?” I teased tossing the wooden baton at the wooden king perched in the middle.

“Bring it on!” she smiled. Boy was it good to see her smile again.

After an intense competition we were getting a bit tired. Mom tossed the baton up into the air as she yawned.


I never knew that a human head could produce such an interesting sound when being hit by a wooden stick.

“Oof! Ow. Alright, I’m going to make dinner or something.” Mom said rubbing the sore spot on the top of her head.

Dad and I looked at each other for a split second then burst into laughter. Dad ruffled my hair before he headed back into the house. I was just about to head in myself, when I heard a loud bang. The bang had come from behind the garage. Not ignoring my curiosity I went to investigate.

I saw Strawberry waving black smoke away from his face while coughing. His hair was standing on end and he was covered in black soot.

“Strawberry, you okay?” I asked cautiously. He had recently become even more interested in experimenting so this was noy an uncommon sight.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I think my hair is sizzling though. I’m going to hop in the shower.” he replied heading into the house.

“Is it normal that whatever you were working on burned off your clothes?” I called after him.

Why is that my brothers are always walking around in their underwear?

Raspberry is frequently painting in his underwear. I don’t understand it, but I’m intriguied…I might have to try it out sometime.

A giggle came from the downstairs nursery. It sounded as though Plum was finally learning how to talk.

He was also taking his first steps. It’s very entertaining to watch the little guy wobbling across the room and falling into Dad’s outstretched arms. No wonder girls go ga-ga over babies. Speaking of girls, Strawberry isn’t the only one getting attention from the female species.

Buttercream Pie has recently moved into the neighborhood. I saw her at school a couple of months ago She was shy and barely talked to anyone. Some of my friends have told me that she’s a little weird. Weird? How can my friends sway anything about weird? Have they met my family?

Weird didn’t bug me too much. Unless she ate flies or something, now that would be weird. I’m slowly getting the nerve to ask her to hang because she does seem like an interesting chick.


“Ah! Strawberry! Knock it off!”

“What are you doing man?” I demanded.

“Just messing with you.” he laughed.

“Yeah? Well if you don’t knock it off, I’m going to tell Mom and Dad about you and Butterscotch cutting school.”

“Fine, geeze you win.”

“Thought so.” I grinned.

My courage surprised me, I asked Buttercream to hang out earlier than I had anticipated. I approached her when we were in art class.

She was deeply immersed with her assignment of sketching the lighthouse that was nestled across the ocean. Luckily, I’m not a klutz like Strawberry and I was able to ask her if she wanted to come over to my house after school.

Buttercream is actually really interesting. She was telling me about how her father, Bananacream, is really into preserving the earth. He’s a vegetarian and is all for solar power. She laughed when she told me about how she’s only allowed to take ten minute showers in order to save water, but she always stays in longer to make sure she’s clean.

We both shared a laugh when she explained how excited her dad gets when he’s on his bicycle. He refuses to use any kind of public transportation and will casually shout at those who do. I made a mental note that if things become serious with Buttercream and I, I wouldn’t drive my car over to her house.

It wasn’t long after that when Strawberry and Raspberry’s birthdays came along. Strawberry was finally going to be a young adult. I hoped that he was planning on moving out, but hey one can wish right?

After Strawberry, who looked exactly the same, it was Raspberry’s turn.

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when I saw Ras’s new bowlcut. Mom was slightly disgusted at the totally 90’s hair do!

“You are going to get your hair cut, right baby?”

“Quit bagging on my ‘do, Mom. And yes, I’m going to get it cut.”

Raspberry looks a whole lot better with his new haircut. What happened in the next couple of weeks was far from mundane though. Butterscotch Creme also had aged into a young adult. One evening she stopped by.

Strawberry was at work at the time. I had invited her in, but she refused.

“The truth is, my mom has kicked me out of the house. I have no place to go. She had this crazy idea that I needed to continue my education. How did she even expect me to go to college when I barely passed high school!” she snorted in disbelief.

“She kicked you out because of that?” I asked incredulously.

“Um, well that was part of the reason. This is why I needed to talk to Strawberry, I think I’m pregnant. “

Cobbler Rainbowcy Heir

Generation Two

Sorbet DITFT Heir

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