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To the old and new readers of the Cobbler Rainbowcy,

Welcome all! If you recall, I’m Vanilla Cobbler, the founder of the Cobbler Rainbowcy. It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen each other, hasn’t it? Since our absence, many occurrences have happened to my husband Apple and I.

A few years ago I moved to Sunset Valley to pursue a life in which I could marry anyone my heart desired. I met Apple shortly after I moved in. We were married and had four handsome sons. My decedents spanned for six generation. Then, according to my creator, our files were lost, completely wiping out my family’s existence. Determined not to lose hope, my creator gave Apple and I another chance. You may recall about a year ago Apple and I moved to Riverview ready to start again.

During our stay we had fur more children, two boys and two girls. Sadly, this was not meant to be. My creator spoke of something called a corrupt file. I don’t know what that exactly means, but Apple and I went to bed one night and when we woke the next morning we were in a new neighborhood with no children. We weren’t in Moonlight Falls for very long until Riverview called us back.

While in Riverview (again) we had three children; Honeycomb, Strawberry, and Cherry. Before I give you information about our three children, I’d like to say that we didn’t stay in Riverview very long. We have finally (seriously, finally) settled in the gorgeous Monte Vista. My creator has assured me that my family and our future generations will be living here. Right, onto our children.

Honeycomb was our first child. She was always a smart girl. Her grades were always high and there was constantly a spark of interest glittering in her eyes.Screenshot-203

After graduating high school, Honeycomb attended University to earn a degree in Technology. Although she spent most of her time studying she did meet her husband at the Student Union. 1


Honeycomb and Carrot married shortly after their college graduation.


They have one son named Mandarin and a newborn girl by the name of Fawn.


Our third child was a boy we named Cherry.


Like his sister, Cherry was extremely intelligent, albeit absent minded. He was always at the top of his class and would have a terrible time dragging him away from the chess set. Once graduating from high school, Cherry decided to skip out on University and instead enrolled in the police academy. He is currently working towards becoming a secret agent and is expecting his first child with his high school sweetheart, Acai.61

Strawberry is our eldest son and the heir to the Cobbler legacy.


At a young age, Apple and I knew that our little boy was different. He could spend hours talking to his stuffed animals and on countless occasions I would have to scold him for wandering over to the neighbor’s yard pretending to be a dog. As he grew, Strawberry’s uniqueness grew as well. He spent hour after hours at the chemistry table we bought Honeycomb for her birthday, attempting to mix a potion that would bring one of his stuffed animals to life.

Sounds crazy, right? Can you imagine our shock when he actually achieved his goal? Yes, although it’s beyond our comprehension, Strawberry successfully turned his childhood toy into a real, teenaged sim.

13 14

In fact, he even turned his brother’s stuffed toy into a real sim as well.


This occurred a few weeks before Strawberry graduated from high school. So for a few weeks we had four teenage boys in the house.


I’ve lost count of how many whoopee cushions I ended up sitting on. After Strawberry’s and Pal’s graduation, they enrolled in University.


However, after one semester Strawberry decided that University was not for him. He decided not to complete his degree. He is currently working towards his dream of becoming a Master Magician.


Strawberry continues to surprise us; he has been working terribly hard on becoming a top Magician. He leaves the house just after the sun rises and returns home completely exhausted hours later after spending all day performing for tips. He is very concentrated on his work, but he set aside time to marry his high school sweetheart, Clementine.

41 44

They currently have two beautiful little girls; Pumpkin and Honeysuckle.

75 84

Although my family has been through many hardships, we have persevered through everything that my Sim Goddess has thrown at us (a/n: not intentionally, mind you!). I believe it’s safe to say that we are here to stay. Thank you all for sticking around! My family, Sim Goddess, and I truly appreciate it.


With love,

Vanilla Cobbler



Vanilla crept into the shaded nursery. The morning sun peeked through the zoo-themed curtains. Strawberry was still fast asleep. His little tummy rose and fell with each sleeping breath. She smiled as she stroked his red hair softly; this was the first morning since he was born that Strawberry had not woken up at the crack of dawn. Vanilla tiptoed out of the room to let her son enjoy a few more moments in Dreamland. While heading to the kitchen to start breakfast, she noticed the red flag on the mailbox was up. She raised a slender gray eyebrow, it was only 7:30, the mailman never came this early. Unable to control her curiosity, Vanilla walked outside to peer into the mailbox.


A white box trimmed with ribbon sat inside. Perplexed, Vanilla took the box out; a gold tag hanging from the middle of the ribbon flapped in the makeshift breeze. She turned it in her hand to see the name of the receiver; Strawberry Cobbler. Vanilla started at the tag in wonder; who would be sending Strawberry a gift? Melvin had already gotten Strawberry some toddler books for his birthday.



Turning the package around her hands, Vanilla walked back into the house.


“Come on, champ. One more step for Daddy.”

With a little grunt of effort, Strawberry took one final step before falling into Apple.

“That’s my boy! Nilla, you just missed Strawberry walk almost across the room!” Apple exclaimed tossing Strawberry in the air.

The mysterious package was forgotten for a moment as Vanilla watched her husband and son giggle ecstatically; “Way to go, baby!”

“Hey, what’s that?” Apple asked once he noticed the parcel in Vanilla’s hand.

She looked at the box again, “It’s a package for Strawberry.”

Apple took the package from his wife’s hands. Like her, he turned the box around in his hands; “I guess there’s only one way to find out what’s inside.”

Vanilla held Strawberry close to her chest as Apple tore open the package. Inside of the box sat a strange looking doll. Strawberry took one look at the doll and outstretched his tiny hands.


Vanilla put down a squirming Strawberry as Apple carefully handed the doll over to his son. The two adults watched in puzzlement as their child hugged the strange little doll as though it had been a long lost toy.


“Are you positive Melvin didn’t send this?” Apple asked looking at the tag once more.

“Yes, he was here the other day for about four hours. He mentioned nothing about a doll, only the picture books.” Vanilla answered.






The dolls continued to cause confusion as the years passed. As Strawberry grew, Vanilla and Apple would see less and less of the doll whom Strawberry had named Puzzle.


“Mom, he told me his name was Puzzle.”

Although the actual doll was becoming less visible, Strawberry’s companionship with it did not wane.


While on maternity leave with their second child, Vanilla walked in on Strawberry watching television by himself. She smiled as he laughed at the cartoon he was engrossed in. Her smile faded when he began to hold a conversation with himself.


“No thanks, I’m not hungry.”

“Of course you can get a snack, Mom won’t mind.

“Haha! That’s a good one, Puzzle.”



Vanilla was unnerved by the constant appearance of Puzzle. She slipped silently out of the kitchen to the bedroom where Apple was changing out of his uniform.

“He’s talking to Puzzle again.” She said.

Apple grunted without gazing up; “He’s always talking to Puzzle. Strawberry’s entire world revolves around Puzzle.”

“That doesn’t bother you?”

“Of course it bothers me, but he’s just a kid with an imaginary friend. Loads of kids have imaginary friends.”

Vanilla felt a tiny kick against her rib cage. Absentmindedly she stroked her round belly. Her thoughts, though, were glued to Strawberry’s well being.

“I think you should talk to him.” She decided.

Apple turned to her; “Talk to him? About what? What the hell do you want me to say? ‘Hey son, why don’t you stop talking about Puzzles because you’re starting to freak your mom and me out?’”

Vanilla closed her eyes for a moment. She tried her best to ignore Apple’s retort. He was just as concered as she was; she knew that. Apple ran a hand through his already tousled hair in desperation; “I’m sorry, Nilla. I didn’t mean that. I’ll go talk to him.” He apologized with a kiss on her cheek.

She watched Apple leave the bedroom in silence. Different scenarios of how Apple’s talk ran through her mind. She pressed her ear against the wooden door to see if she could hear anything; nothing. With a sigh, Vanilla sat on the bed waiting for her husband’s return. Her heart skipped a beat when the bedroom door opened.

“How did it go?” she asked anxiously.

“Fine.” Apple answered taking her hands in his.

She looked down at their connected hands; “No offence, honey, but this doesn’t seem reassuring at all.”

He smiled; “I know, but Strawberry is perfectly fine.”

“How? I want to know everything.”


“He was doing his homework when I went in. I simply asked him if Puzzle had ever told him to do bad things.”

“You asked him that?” asked a wide-eyed Vanilla.

“Yeah, he actually got pretty scared at that. Strawberry assured me that Puzzle would never do anything bad.”

She left out a sigh of relief; hopefully Strawberry would grow out of his fascination with his imaginary friend.


Yikes, it’s been a few weeks since I last posted. I’m working on getting back into the groove of posting regularly again. Hope you all are doing well! Thanks for sticking around guys!

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